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Mobile Payment Processing App that Accepts Debit!

It was early January. I was frustrated with my merchant fees from my mobile processing application and still couldn't accept debit. With all this technology there has to be a better way to accept payments from my clients.

This all changed when Amanda Wischer from Moneris Solutions contacted me. The little dear made my day completely. She said "I can help you with that". Those words resonated with me. Really? But how? The mobile devices I use have expensive merchant fees and don't accept debit cards, chip cards, or tap processing. Worst of all I don't like traditional mobile apps as I would prefer the extra measure of the client entering their pin for security purposes.

Now Amanda was really patient with me. Then she proceeded to tell me about PAYD PRO by Moneris Solutions. For a small monthly fee I can accept a vast array of payment options from my clients. Best of all Debit transactions are free! Wow! This is huge for this little bookkeeper. 

Here are the details as of Feb 26th 2015 for PAYD Pro by Moneris Solutions

  • monthly fee is $19.95/month 
  • Debit/Interac processing are free and unlimited!!!
  • Credit card swipe/tap/chip is 2.75%
  • Manual credit card processing is 2.95%
  • Payments accepted: VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and Interac

The systems is quite neat. I say system because it not just some dorky thing that sticks onto your smart phone. There is an actual mobile pin pad that connects to your smart phone via bluetooth. I really like this little unit as the card can be tapped for quick payments, inserted to complete debit transactions or chip embedded credit cards. 

Moore Details Bookkeeping PAYD moneris transition

If I choose I can also use a ridged swipper on my iphone that doesn't spin around like the other companies I have tried. I've tested it myself. It worked the very first swipe. Something that I haven't had success with other mobile processing apps.

Like any great accessory it has an awesome petite carrying case to keep all my goodies together.

After the sale I am able to text or email the receipt to my client. Best of all there is no paper receipt. Which is my whole pursuit in business....to be paperless! 

PAYD PRO Welcome Kit Moore Details Bookkeeping

Amanda processed my application over the phone which took about 10 minutes. I had a valid business number and existing bank account so I was good to go after Moneris Solutions reviewed my application. I was surprised when the processing took only two days! My parcel of goodies arrived from Moneris Solutions just two days after speaking with Amanda. Wow!

For those who regularly review my blog I only endorse products I use. I'm a genuine gal and receive nothing but Karma from my blogging content. This gal can't be bought! I have to be impressed. Impressed I am today!

Want more information?

Amanda Wisher can be reached at 1.877.825.0361 x4041 or amanda.wisher@moneris.com

Here is a quick web link with video and operating manual https://www.getpayd.com/manuals

Happy Processing!


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Have you been told off today?

February is a crazy month.

First we have the romantic Valentine’s Day then plunge head first into tax season as soon as the romance and chocolate wear off.

This time of year emotions tend to run high. Something I’m sure my bookkeeping colleagues agree with. But rather than waste a perfectly good day complaining I thought I would relay how I handle being told off.

The first step is to breathe. Four to five times if the situation is excessively emotional. Your first instinct may be to fight back and defend that polished ego. Don't! That fight or flight thinking won't help.

Then my next step is to determine what the issue is. Focus on the problem not who did it. For me it’s usually the client who has goofed in some capacity and is upset that something isn’t right. Find a solution rather than focus on which employee or whose responsibility it is! It’s a better use of both of your time.

If necessary I resort back to the scope of services contract signed prior to commencing bookkeeping services to ensure both parties understand their respective responsibilities. With this type of exercise it is a great time to review and see if something needs to change or if additional services are required.

The final step is to care. In my experience clients are working at 110% capacity so their compassionate meter gets a little rusty. In February every employee is looking for their T4 slip ASAP. It’s the worst time of year for retail sales, restaurant industry and home building etc. So cash is often short. Then there is the worry of if they have contributed enough to RRSP’s. Finally there is the weather. February is one of the coldest months of the year in Canada. We lack Vitamin D because its too darn cold to go outside. Unless you got your minivan stuck in the driveway like I did yesterday and ended up shovelling snow.

In a weird way I admire someone who is able to feel comfortable with me to show their emotions. Most times these individuals are looking for a compassionate ear to “listen” to their burdens and understand what they are going through. A great bookkeeper does more than organize records. My role involves being a coach, a kick you in the butt when you need it, a second ear to run a crazy idea by, a mentor to someone in need, and ultimately the person that isn’t afraid to say get your sh*t together! 

Hang in there. You are doing a great job!

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The best business advice came from my driving instructor

I was sixteen and anxiously awaiting my turn behind the wheel of a cramped dark blue Nissan. Along with my cronies we embarked on our first voyage of freedom. Learning how to drive.  No squirrels or pedestrians were harmed.

Naturally a car full of teen girls caused for some anxious moments. That is when I heard the best advice EVER! This advice has stuck with me not just while driving the old family minivan but also when driving my business.

It is:

Look where you want to go! ……not oncoming traffic!

From where I grew up the roads were abound with logging trucks, tractors, and anything else to make a girl feel insecure in a small tin can of a car.

Albeit wasn’t my first driving experience. The roads of Renfrew County were much different than an old John Deer Tractor that my aunt had to bomb around in the back field ….in which it never went out of first gear.

But let’s think of this. Often times we slam on the breaks because we worry about the problems ahead. Causing us to stall or get rear ended! By keeping focused on where you want to go you’ll get there much sooner. If roadblocks pop up determine if it is necessary to yield or slow down and safely stop to check in. These roadblocks are plentiful for business owners. It could be a bank loan, negotiation new lease agreement or event bidding on a big project. Don’t get stuck in the moment. Keep the momentum moving forward. Be ready to adjust and yield.

Wishing you a safe journey today!


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How to ease the bill paying burden

Today I travelled to a lovely business owner nestled on Lake Ontario. This women is truely inspiring. In fact I believe she has secretly found the Fountain of Youth somewhere.

Although not pinpointing her exact age she's in her eighties! Her and her loving husband run an Antiques shop. Quite well too. These are a couple that still #hustle @Garyvee. 

Naturally with age some tasks with bookkeeping become a nusance. One of them is writing cheques by hand. So the purpose of my visist today was to see how bill paying can be more efficient and less of a burden.

First the focus was to identify what she "likes" doing. Afterall why take that away. That's passion! Then determine what the pain in the a$$ tasks are. Turns out the nususance stuff was paying utilities bills via hand written cheque and taking them to the bank to process. Online banking is rather cumbersome for this dymnamic duo. 

The answer was clear. Let put these charges on your company credit card this will elimate two steps immediatly and ensure the account is paid on time. Then I'll follow up with a credit card reconciliation each month to ensure the proper amount has been charged and that no reconciliing items exist. 

Just like a bank reconciliation a credit card reconciliation can also be used with many bookkeeping software packages. Its quick and simple. 

So challenge yourself to minimize your bill paying burden. Charge it! I recommend looking for a credit card with cash back option. It's nice to see the credit each period rather can collecting points. Keep in mind that its not free cash.  So keep that balance paid each month. Better yet set up an automatic credit card bill payment option to take the funds directly from your operating account.

Wishing you a burden free day!

want to know more about @Quickbooks. Drop me a line on Twitter @mooredetails. I would love to help.


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My open sign is a big yellow bus

After the stop sign rolls back in, the flashing lights turn off, and that big honking diesel smelling bus leaves my driveway that's when Moore Details Bookkeeping opens for business.

 Being a Work at home mom #WAHM has its benefits. Though truthfully speaking I'm still my slippers and just now starting to have my morning java. 

Having three kids and running a home business is tricky. Some would say impossible. Other's may say "try having four or five kids". So here's how I've been able to get my business and family to gel together. 

  • Effective time management. Plan your day and your life. Listing your goals and tasks is a great way to get satisfaction out of life. 
  • Plan ahead. Visualize your day before you get out of bed. What do you need to accomplish to come back to this resting place to get a good nights sleep?
  • Prepare ahead. Perhaps its a simple as packing lunches the night before. This is a must in our house. As well as having four pairs of figure skates ready to wheel into the old family minivan three times a week. Then there is the brief case which needs to be adequately stocked with office supplies and laptop for a client visit. I learned to have everything on wheels....with exception to the lunch's! A pulled back sets you back! 
  • Eat dinner together as family. It seems so bizarre to me to even mention this. But its a fact with lack of planning, goal setting and effective time management our lives quickly get out of control. All of the sudden families aren't spending time together. Or should I say not making time to spend together. Family dinners are a time to catch up on our day and talk about future events and what we would like to do as a family. 
  • Play. Yes kick off the shoes and dance. What ever makes your mojo go. Play is exercise. TV is not! Minimize the tube of so called entertainment and play. Every lifestyle is different. Here we toboggan down the lawn. Hike in the backyard. Jump on the trampoline. Get to the local arena to figure skate. Yes even this savvy momma gets out on the ice with style. What ever you choose make it fun, create memories, and remember to laugh at yourself!

 Here are some neat applications for smart devices and or internet to get you started. Naturally the basic versions are free. 

Goal Setting application Productivity

Task Management software Producteev 

Until the next school bus rolls by. Cheers!



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The Benefits of Paperless Bookkeeping

So many of us waste our valuable time with paper....or the dreaded after effect of a paper cut!

Here at Moore Details Bookkeeping we went paperless!

What? A bookkeeping firm going paperless? Yip that's correct. And I'm lovin' it!

The first question that populates from peers and those intrigued is "How"?

My answer is short and sweet. Unplug your printer!

Seriously. It puts you in a situation to determine how to deal with incoming data in the now. Not later. Because we all know that "later never comes". 

Now for a bookkeeper this task is especially difficult. After all, the clients provide paper. Don't they? You know like receipts, invoices, bank statements and stuff!?

Yes they did. But now they are all using electronic bookkeeping software. Bank feeds import into the software to provide me with the ins and outs of cash. Each expense, revenue document, journal entry etc. has the ability to attached an electronic image. 

Going paperless is an option and it's relatively easy and affordable to do so. 

Here are the benefits my practice has seen with going paperless:

  1. Saving money on expensive toners and drums for my printer
  2. less white noise in the office from the hummmm of the printer
  3. Increased data security by information being kept in the cloud and not roaming around in some shoe box, shopping bag, folder or USB drive.
  4. This is my most favorite benefit! Increased efficiency by not having to look for stuff. I simply can't stand having to look for a paper document that is so easy to be misfiled, faded with time, or chewed up by some rodent in a damp flood prone storage space deep in a client's basement.
  5. Let's not forget about Mother Nature. Going paperless means less strain on the environment. 

It's worth a try. Here are some great products to check out to make your journey successful and affordable.

Xero paired nicely with Hubdoc

Wishing you a day full of simplicity!

 Jennifer Moore Moore Details Bookkeeping




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Would 300 feet of snow close your business down?

Sweet little rural Foxboro today is being hit with another load of snow. 

The question being. Would 300 feet of snow close your business on a day like today?

rural bookkeeping QBO Moore Details Bookkeeping

300 feet is the length of my driveway. And last year I would have cried to see such snow in my driveway knowing that the old family minivan wouldn't make it through. Although the idea of free-styling down a slippery slope does sound kind of fun! Being stuck with three kids isn't. But back to the topic at hand. Up until February of last year I was running back and forwards between clients putting my life on the line to travel slick roads with poor visibility on a would be day like today. Frankly, looking back on that sends chills down my spine. Too many times have I seen a car spin out in front of me while travelling back from a client. Not to mention the only way to get paid was to show up! 

 This is the way bookkeeping used to be. Travelling to each client one day a week to sort, file, pay etc on their desktop software. Not only was this stressful for me; but also for my family. It was hard on the clients because I could only spend time with them once a week and didn't feel comfortable taking calls from other clients on my cell. The client bill was unnecessarily high as they had to pay for my commute time. In some cases that was an hour and a half!

This all changed when I received a nice little email from Intuit. Inviting me as a ProAdvisor to try out the Quickbooks Online platform. It was a no brainer. Syncing all my clients data from the comfort of my home office. The clients took this pretty good. After all their bill got automatically reduced as I didn't have to travel!

The log in time for each client is quick with QBO (Quickbooks Online). I am now able to take random client calls by toggling screens. So much simpler than waiting for the desktop file to load and trying to remember their password in a pinch. 

So today my driveway is packed full of snow. I'm home and able to tend to all client matters. The only tough decision today was choosing which type of hat to go out and shovel with. This one is pretty warm.

Rural Bookkeeper

Wishing you a slippery free day!

Moore Details BookkeepingMoore Details Bookkeeping



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Is your business passionate?

Follow your Passion and success will follow.

No this didn't come out of a fortune cookie. It's just one of the little motto's that I believe in. 

Involving passion in all aspects of your life is truly magical. Passion follows me everywhere. I've dumped worrying and focus only on what creates happiness. People are naturally attracted to passion. They see happiness and instinctively want to now how to be or elevate such. Sound a little goofy? Well think about that the next time worrying stalls you for several hours. 

The business' I see succeed are those who are passionate about their product/service. They genuinely care about their customers and are eager to help. These are business' who are passionate about financial literacy and want to learn how to be involved in their bookkeeping story. These are the clientele I look for when the referrals flow in. 

But this isn't limited to my clientele and me as a person. This quality must be present in all business interactions I have. Specifically financial software companies like @IntuitQuickbooksCa and applications like @ReceiptBank and @Method:CRM. Naturally other follow bookkeepers to refer great clients too when I operate at capacity. Then there is the show stopper individual that I look for. The year-end accountant. The one who is willing to accept change in financial software platforms, ability to get to the core of clients needs, and find ways to innovate their professional service....passionately.

 What is the result of a passionate business?

  • Profit
  • Well-being
  • Improved relationships business and personal\

May your day be full of passion, your face enlightened and an everlasting smile shine upon you,




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Time management

A windy snowy -30 kinda day here in sweet little rural Foxboro. The fire is on with the dog and cat huddling close. Kids are yet to awake and find out that its a snow day!


But also a challenge for this work at home mom (WAHM).

There is one thing that stands out in my mind in which my children have taught me: Time Management

 For many who know me well, my family is my first priority. Then there is this little business of mine which has grown right along side of my kids. Time management has been key in keeping a calm balance between the two. 

Recently I read a lovely little book called The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. Deep within the many values and messages of this book this one is the most important to me:

 "Guard time well. Remember it's a non-renewable resource"

So today I'll take the challenge of three kids, snow, and a list of return calls using my skills honed over the last nine years. And thanking my family and my clients for their understanding that they are all cared for and appreciated. 

All it takes is a little time......well managed.

Jennie's Tips for Time Management

  • Prioritize
  • learn to say NO!
  • use and appreciate your time well
  • get paperless and stop looking for stuff
  • focus on the task at hand
  • Stop worrying!!!!
  • learn deep breathing (yoga/meditation)
  • don't forget your breaks (I work 120 minutes then take a 20 minute break)
  • dump the coffee power up with food that will stabilize your energy

 Have yourself a great day!



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$hit my bookkeeper says part Two

It's a bright sunny morning here in rural Ontario. A great time to blog and soak up a little Vitamin D.

This is $hit my bookkeeper says Part Two

With a continuation of yesterday's post, below are some topics that populate regularly with potential or new clients. Then they soon get trained "Jennie style" to keep their books legit.

I don't have the money to pay my remittance, can I report less and back it next month?

Whisky Tango Foxtrot (WTF) No! The government is not a bank. As a business owner you act as a trustee collecting tax on behalf of Canada Revenue Agency. Be it for HST/GST, Payroll tax, etc. This responsibility is to be taken seriously. After all it's these funds that help our employees retire, or collect Employment Insurance in the event of a disruption of earnings. Not to mention you are able to go to the hospital when ever you please! 

So continue to report what you owe and pay it. Falling behind on your remittance can crush you. The penalties and interest alone should deter you enough. Then figure out the real reason why you can remit. That's right look into your cash flow, analyze your profit and make changes! If you don't it will continue to be a cycle. 

My business isn't making any money. I can't pay my mortgage.

So many entrepreneurs start a business and all of the sudden become a Martyr too. They suck their personal wealth dry, rack up their personal credit cards in hopes of the big pay cheque once things get going good. This isn't a good approach. Ultimately you'll become unhappy with a business that is running very much the same way you are operating your personal finances. Think of why you started the business. Was it to go bankrupt? Or was it to do something you enjoy? So enjoy it and learn to grow with it. Learn to pay yourself first. Cover that mortgage. Chances are you needed a second mortgage to start up your business. You need to maintain that! Keep involved in your bookkeeping story. Work with a good bookkeeper and or accountant. It's worth the bucks. Find one that will work within your budget. Be honest with them and yourself. Learn to chase profit and not rely on the next big contract. Where do you make money and focus on that. 

Check out Profit First written by Mike MIchalowicz. This is a good guide to helping you allocate your business funds to meet obligations.

Profit First by Mike Michalowicz

until next time have fun and profit on! Yeah that was kinda cheesy but that's me.

Need a little help? Contact me, Jennie


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$hit my bookkeeper says part One

Remember in my first post I declared that I'm candid

So often (the name of this post) "$hit my bookkeeper says" populates from clients. Perhaps its because I firmly believe in being yourself. Which to me is genuine and honest. I tell it the way it needs to be heard. This is what I encourage everyone to do. I'm not talking about being rude or inconsiderate. I talking about being able to relay the right approach to tough situations were people like to dance in the gray zone. Do you get me yet? I think we've all been in those situations and if not then you need to get out from the rock you are hiding under!

So here are a couple of things that clients say "I can't believe you said that! 

Stop issuing postdated cheques!

Often this arises when a company is experiencing cash flow problems and vendors want a payment plan. Vendors and creditors can be really demanding in this type of situation. They fear that the business is going out and they want their money fast before it dries up! Well in some cases this may be; however if you are a business owner chances are you have put everything you got into the enterprise. Blood, sweet, tears and now probably a rocky marriage. Failure is not an option! So do not let vendors and creditors dictate to you. Find help! A good bookkeeper (plug for Moore Details ... I know cheap but effective), a good affordable software package (hint hint Quickbooks Online). If not already frugal....become frugal. Then come up with a cash-flow plan and stick to it. Analyze your profit margins, your products and services. It may be time to make difficult decisions. Do not let pride guide your decisions let profit guide you! So back to focus. Issuing a bunch of postdated cheques without a cash flow plan is going to crush you. Work in the now. The past is the past so learn from it. 

Stop issuing pay advances to employees!

But I care for my employees is what I hear in response. Then I hear I thought your business focus is to be helpful. My response it is! But paying advances to your employees is not being helpful! We all know life can be tough. I know that personally so you cannot sell me on any hard luck story. Remember you are not a parent to these employees (well maybe you are then you need to continue reading). A good employee needs to stand on their own two feet and not treat you like their dad asking for money because they spent too much at the arcade! Ouch! I know. Here is how you can help! Talk to them personally in a caring manner. The point is to care. Then point them in the right direction to get the proper help. So if its credit related for instance (see David Bach Latte Factor approach) refer them to a credit counselling service. There are many and some even operate free of charge (not a bankruptcy trustee!!!). Is it because of basic needs like food and shelter. Take them out for lunch and talk about their options. There are so many outlets to get food free or at a good price. Community cupboards, smaller co-operatives, and subsidized housing. For many employees in this situation they may not be aware of other avenues of help and just see you as the person who holds the cash that keeps them afloat the bumpy road of life. This is good time to talk about your own experience if you feel so confident to do so. Perhaps lending them a book by David Bach from his Finish Rich series. Ensure they have applied for all their necessary social benefits with Canada Revenue Agency. Perhaps they have found themselves recently single raising the cutest kids! Down load the paperwork for them to change their martial status with CRA and increase those Child Tax Benefits, HST and other applicable social pay outs. You will establish a better bond with employees using this approach. Long term employees. Those knowing you were there to help when they needed it most.


Stay tuned for part Two.

  Links for your reference:

Martial Status Change Form RC65

K3C Credit Counselling

The Finish Rich book collection by David Bach @DavidBachBooks



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